Sweetgrass Natural Foods has been making delicious and unique foods since 2012. Jacob and Carolyn Gahn created Sweetgrass Granola as an alternative to sugary granolas that touted themselves as health foods. They use local and regionally grown ingredients like hemp seeds, wild seedling pecans, Appalachian sea salt, chia seeds, and most importantly: sorghum cane syrup, which contributes the signature flavor of Sweetgrass Granola.

IMG_8156 copy.jpgIn 2016 Sweetgrass Natural Foods was created to encompass a wider range of products created by the Sweetgrass team.

The newest addition to the Sweetgrass roster is EllieFinn’s Go Snacks. These fruit & veggie energy bites were successfully kickstarted and launched late 2016. Each package provides over 1/2 cup of organic vegetables in a tasty, fruity form. With 50% of a child’s daily vegetable amount, and 20% of an adult’s, it’s easier than ever to eat healthy when on the road, in the office, or stuck with a picky eater. With over 90% of Americans failing to bring enough vegetables into their diet, everyone needs to #snackyourveggies!


Sweetgrass Natural Foods’ owners Carolyn & Jacob Gahn

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