I Don’t Know What Granola is (and I’m too afraid to ask)

“Granola huh? Is that like a granola bar?”

Mark Twain once wrote that, “I want to be in Kentucky when the end of the world comes, because they are always 20 years behind.” While I don’t agree with Mr. Twain entirely, I think it’s fair to say that some trends take their time to propagate in the South. When I’m demoing at a retailer or chatting up customers at the farmer’s market it is not uncommon to be asked, “Granola huh? Is that like a granola bar?”

So if you’ve always been curious, here’s my official bare minimum definition:
Granola consists of rolled oats, nuts & seeds combined with a sweetener such as honey (or in our case sorghum!) and then baked, to be eaten with milk, yogurt, dry, or combined in other recipes. 

Of course, Sweetgrass Granola has got a lot more going on than the basics, with wild seedling pecans, ancient ocean sea salt, and a totally unique flavor from our southern grown ingredients. “Granola” can be very different things, but “Southern Granola” is something very different. Try it out at www.sweetgrassgranola.com !

Snack Your Veggies: the Mission behind EllieFinn’s Go Snacks

The goals and inspirations for our newest product line are very different from Sweetgrass Granola. That’s why we created a new brand, EllieFinn’s, to encompass our health-minded fruit & veggie snack lines.


The name is, of course, a reference to our children: Finn & Ellie, who were particularly inspiring whenever they tried to avoid eating their veggies for dinner, through many creative arguments. Or when they sometimes pleaded for sugary “treats” instead of a healthy snack, no doubt emboldened by a recent trip to Oma & Opa’s. The lightbulb was bright when deciding to rearrange their names to make a homophone of one of their favorite animals, the elephant!

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Top 6 Veggie Based Snacks

Healthy snacks for my family can be hard to find, especially for my two picky eaters. My ideal snack is quick to prepare, filling, tasty and veggie-based.

Here are some creative ways to eat more vegetables when afternoon hunger strikes and you haven’t even planned dinner yet.

Carrot Pumpkin Spice Muffins
These muffins are incredibly moist when made with coconut oil and have the benefit of being gluten free! We love these baked into mini muffin tins and stored in the fridge.

Pickled carrot, radish, beets, etc…
A small plate of pickles makes a satisfying, crunchy snack and once they’re made they store well in the fridge!

Homemade root vegetable chips
Get your kids involved by letting them choose the root vegetables themselves (beets, sweet potato, white sweet potato, parsnip, etc) and delight them with the crispy, roasted results!

Veggies and Dip
Nearly everyone loves vegetables and ranch dressing but making it from scratch really elevates this classic combination. This yogurt based recipe takes this snack into healthier territory.

Seaweed Popcorn
This one is more popcorn based than veggie, but it’s a great way to eat more mineral-packed seaweed!

EllieFinn’s Go Snacks!
When you’re out running errands and the kids ask for a snack, running home to chop up cucumbers is probably not an option but EllieFinn’s Go Snacks fill the gap for a convenient, veggie-based snack beautifully. Finn loves the Chocolate Sunflower flavor!