Sweetgrass Fam and New Product featured at The Lane Report.

Our new EllieFinn’s Go Snacks have just begun to be available for sale on our new website (www.elliefinns.com) and retailers like Good Foods Coop in Lexington, Ky. And they are making waves with customers all over!

Recently Carolyn and I talked with the Lane Report about Sweetgrass Foods, which is now our parent company encompassing both Sweetgrass Granola and EllieFinn’s Go Snacks. We chatted about our mission for EllieFinn’s Go Snacks and shared some of the challenges of pursuing a family business, especially with two young ones running around the house!

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How We Came Up With EllieFinn’s Packaging: Playful, Clean, Informative

We are ecstatic to reveal the finalized EllieFinn’s packaging design! A lot of consideration went into choosing the right elements, style, and attitude to best express what we’re trying to accomplish with EllieFinn’s Veggie-Infused Snacks.

Here’s a little about how this sweet design was created!
The process was a lot of fun and we tried to include everyone in the decision making! We chose a preliminary design from a wonderful designer on 99designs.com with the help of our backers and supporters. Your feedback was invaluable!

We appreciated this design because it was clean but playful. Since over 90% of All Americans aren’t eating enough vegetables, EllieFinn’s Go Snacks needs to appeal to kids and adults alike. With the limited space of a on-the-go pouch, we really had to pack in all the benefits of a veggie superfood snack bite.

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Kickstarting Our New Healthy Veggies Snacks

Here at Sweetgrass we’ve been busy the past 3 months preparing our Kickstarter campaign for the newest addition to our family of all natural foods. They are called EllieFinn’s Veggie-Infused Snacks and they’re delicious coconut butter truffle snacks made with organic vegetables! Pretty much everybody in America needs help getting their Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) of veggies, and these little snacks do just that.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign which ends June 20th here: http://kck.st/1svnC1N

Pre-order and help us launch Snackable Veggies with a bang!

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Mrs. Sweetgrass Goes to the Capitol

Recently, Carolyn participated in a news conference in our state’s capitol annex building in Frankfort, Ky. I was proud to watch her speak eloquently about our relationship with health care as small business owners and farmers.

From KyForward.com

Carolyn Gahn said that she and her husband Jacob were a typical young couple that didn’t worry about not having health insurance in their 20s, but in 2012 Jacob was diagnosed with a health condition and “our world was turned upside down.” They are farmers in Garrard County.

“We were grateful when the ACA was enacted and Jacob was now able to get full coverage regardless of his pre-existing condition,” she said.

They have since added two children to their family and she noted how easy Kynect was to update the changes in both income and family size over the years. Her family has been on both subsidized policies and Medicaid.

“With this security we have been able to focus on building our business full time,” she said. “Without the support for our health coverage, we would not be financially able to run our own business.”

Bourbon Black Forest Granola Cake Recipe

The third recipe cooked up by Sweetgrass Granola-baking enthusiast Mandy is a decadent Bourbon-laced Cherry Black Forest Cake with a crust composed of our handmade Germantown Chocolate granola.  This take on the traditional Black Forest Cake is a big winner for fans of chocolate and, to mix it up, bourbon!

Our wheat-free Germantown Chocolate granola gives a nice crunch with flavorful wild seedling pecans and the natural sweeteners add depth and richness. There are no gluten ingredients in this recipe and so is very close to gluten-free! And of course, our granola is non-gmo and chemical-free with only all-natural ingredients. Mix up and dig in!

Find a Sweetgrass Granola retailer or order Germantown Chocolate online here: sweetgrassgranola.com


A slice of cherry-chocolate heaven.

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Kentucky Harvest Pork Chop Recipe

Here’s another great recipe from Mandy Ayres that uses our Kentucky Harvest granola ( purchase at www.sweetgrassgranola.com ) to create a unique crusting for a delicious pork chop dinner.  A mustard-based sorghum sauce reinforces the southern gourmet flavor  of sorghum syrup that we love in Sweetgrass Granola. And every good chop needs some green and a grain next to it, so here we have a chard and quinoa salad that doubles down on the “granola for dinner” concept.

Scroll down for pics and recipe.

Sweetgrass Granola-encrusted Pork Chop Meal

Sweetgrass Granola-encrusted Pork Chop Meal

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Holiday Granola Stuffing Recipe

This is my favorite way to stuff on Turkey Day! This stuffing recipe, created by Sweetgrass superfan Amandalin, is sweet & savory, hearty and fruity. The Cherries in our Cherry Home Companion flavor add a really unique zing that always has people making a face like “Oh!”

Try it out and let us know how it went! You can order Cherry Home Companion for this recipe at www.sweetgrassgranola.com

Stuffing Recipe Front.png

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Welcome To The SG Blog

This blog will be a space for the more important content concerning our brand Sweetgrass Granola and our progress as a small business in Kentucky. We are excited to share our journey with you.

You can also view our main website from the link in the sidebar, where you can shop online and view a list of our current retailers.


Carolyn and Jacob: Sitting in a Field