How We Came Up With EllieFinn’s Packaging: Playful, Clean, Informative

We are ecstatic to reveal the finalized EllieFinn’s packaging design! A lot of consideration went into choosing the right elements, style, and attitude to best express what we’re trying to accomplish with EllieFinn’s Veggie-Infused Snacks.

Here’s a little about how this sweet design was created!
The process was a lot of fun and we tried to include everyone in the decision making! We chose a preliminary design from a wonderful designer on with the help of our backers and supporters. Your feedback was invaluable!

We appreciated this design because it was clean but playful. Since over 90% of All Americans aren’t eating enough vegetables, EllieFinn’s Go Snacks needs to appeal to kids and adults alike. With the limited space of a on-the-go pouch, we really had to pack in all the benefits of a veggie superfood snack bite.


The semi-photographic images of playful elephants reinforces the EllieFinn’s brand and insinuates a friendly familial relationship signaling that these Snacks should be shared with your kids/loved ones, and vice versa! Below the herd, the signature ingredients of each variety are displayed big and beautiful.

We also really wanted to communicate the simple, healthful ingredients that we use. Near the image of the Go Snacks in the middle we list the 4 categories that every EllieFinn’s ingredient falls under: Veggies, Fruit, Seeds, Salt. That’s it and we mean it, no weird stuff or additives here!

A clean white background keeps things simple even when there’s so much to communicate about our little Go Snacks. And finally: gotta have a hashtag in there! Hope we can take #snackyourveggies viral!


We should receive our printed packages in early October, at which point we’ll be excitedly bustling in the kitchen to fulfill our Kickstarter pre-orders as soon as possible. Then they will be available for order at and will be filling the shelves on stores near you!

We are very excited to move forward with this exciting project, Stay Tuned! 

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-Jacob, Carolyn, Ellie & Finn

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