Mrs. Sweetgrass Goes to the Capitol

Recently, Carolyn participated in a news conference in our state’s capitol annex building in Frankfort, Ky. I was proud to watch her speak eloquently about our relationship with health care as small business owners and farmers.


Carolyn Gahn said that she and her husband Jacob were a typical young couple that didn’t worry about not having health insurance in their 20s, but in 2012 Jacob was diagnosed with a health condition and “our world was turned upside down.” They are farmers in Garrard County.

“We were grateful when the ACA was enacted and Jacob was now able to get full coverage regardless of his pre-existing condition,” she said.

They have since added two children to their family and she noted how easy Kynect was to update the changes in both income and family size over the years. Her family has been on both subsidized policies and Medicaid.

“With this security we have been able to focus on building our business full time,” she said. “Without the support for our health coverage, we would not be financially able to run our own business.”

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