Snack Your Veggies: the Mission behind EllieFinn’s Go Snacks

The goals and inspirations for our newest product line are very different from Sweetgrass Granola. That’s why we created a new brand, EllieFinn’s, to encompass our health-minded fruit & veggie snack lines.


The name is, of course, a reference to our children: Finn & Ellie, who were particularly inspiring whenever they tried to avoid eating their veggies for dinner, through many creative arguments. Or when they sometimes pleaded for sugary “treats” instead of a healthy snack, no doubt emboldened by a recent trip to Oma & Opa’s. The lightbulb was bright when deciding to rearrange their names to make a homophone of one of their favorite animals, the elephant!

We all have either heard or lived such stories of nutrition avoidance by young-uns. But what surprised us much more was the revelation that over 90%* of all Americans, including adults, are not eating the Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) of vegetables! At the same time, people are skipping meals and snacking more than ever before with indulgent and convenient treats. With the vast majority of snack foods out there being full of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients we knew we had to create a solution for others…and ourselves!

“Actually healthy snacks that are actually delicious”

So we started EllieFinn’s Snacks with the mission of improving the health of busy professionals or picky kids/kids at heart by creating convenient & delicious snacks that contribute positively to a healthy diet. Our first solution: Go Snacks Fruit & Veggie Energy Bites made with substantial amounts of organic vegetables and tasty as a treat or filling energy snack.

As praise continues to come in from all ages who are trying EllieFinn’s Go Snacks for the first time, we are confident that we can be successful in our mission. We look forward to the future of bringing convenient and tasty nutrition to more folks all over the country!

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*According to a CDC research study

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